The Minimalists — How to Live More With Less

In this TEDx presentation, Ryan Nicodemus from The Minimalists discussed his former experience in corporate America, and how he led an empty life chasing paychecks, titles and material possessions that did little to contribute to his mental well-being. As with many people in the Western countries, he was experiencing tremendous stress, misery and mental void, which he would then try to overcome through binge drinking, drugs and more material consumption — a vicious circle.

One day, after feeling disgusted by the enormity of unused stuffs sitting in his cardboard boxes, he decided once and for all to sell and donate these items for good. This would lead to a life-changing experience which would shatter his former perspectives forever. In particular, he discovered that a genuinely rich life is one that is filled with meaning, purpose and passion.

As Joshua Fields Millburn mentioned in this presentation, a lifestyle of minimalist design is one that is focused on getting rid of things that — upon more in-depth analyses — really add very little value to our well-being. More importantly, a minimalist lifestyle is one that is centered around health, relationship, growthcontribution and community.

P.S. — Julian Assange agrees on satisfying our invariant instincts, and channeling our energy into great work!

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