The Liebster Award — Gladly Accepted!

Hiya! Some good news! While here at The Sustainabilitist we have been silently working behind the curtain on some blog-related chores (e.g., social media marketing, AdWords, Analytics, SEO, Link Building, legal matters, content research, new website) over the previous weeks, on April 27, 2015, we were pleasantly surprised to have received a spontaneous, Liebster Award nomination by Lane Stevens — of A Healthy Dose — totally out of the blue. Now, that’s quite something! Merci Infiniment Lane! We can’t thank you more!

Liebster Award nominated to The Sustainabilitist

(for the record, as of April 27, 2015, we have a total of 60 blog followers and 3 newsletter subscribers, which, incidentally, fits the description of a young-and-fresh blog perfectly well!)

And as you can see here, just as rights are usually accompanied with responsibilities, so is the Liester Award accompanied with some intense blogger-grilling! In which case, we shall vow to do our best to fulfill our duties, and keep the readers happy with what remains of this post. 🙂

Liebster Award Grilling — The (In)Famous 10-Questions-and-Answers Interview

As Lane delivered this wonderful gift to us, he also dropped us a bombshell, in the form of some 10 not-so-easy questions which all Liebster nominees from past and present have to endure! However, as we shall see, while initially intimidating, this experience turned out to be surprising rewarding and liberating! So without further ado, here is the transcript of our conversation!

Lane @ The Healthy Dose: What is your favorite hobby, and why?

The Sustainabilitist, Socrates

Listen to The Elder!

Tom @ The Sustainabilitist: As a human being, I spend a significant amount of time doing this — Thinking. Why? To use a quote from Socrates, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Setting aside a period of active reflection on any kind of topic each day usually turns out to be more rewarding when anticipated. Sometimes, I end up breaking an impasse in my thinking barrier, while other times, I end up inventing new concepts and framework upon which my future works are based. And we are not always talking about theorizing inside an ivory tower either. For instance, more often than not, I came to understand the nuts and bolts about certain health issues, not by reading, but by an accumulation of active introspection and reflection.

What is your favorite ingredient for cooking, and how do you enjoy using it most?

At the time of this writing, I will have to say the lentils and beans, as these are generally micronutrient-dense and low-cost food which can be incorporated into any kind of dish ranging from vegetable soup to non-sugary “dessert”. While shunned by the mainstream Paleo Diet community for its alleged anti-nutrition components such as lectin and phytate, we do know that these food can be more than beneficial when properly prepared via soaking and sprouting. In fact, we are start to see a strong correlation between legume consumption and longevity (which is especially true for the inhabitants of the Blue Zones). Sure, they might not be the tastiest food one could be eating, but one can begin to appreciate the richness of their taste as the taste bud re-sensitizes and recovers from the constant assault of highly-palatable food!

Who is your favorite author, and why?

This is a tough one, as I usually finding myself reading non-fictional materials online browsing from one article to another (and if I were offline, I will probably be digging into textbooks for research purposes). To make the matter worse, my preferences tend to shift (and shatter) quickly as I gather more and more valuable information, ultimately making it hard for me to stay loyal to most authors. I will say this though: for now, I have been closely following the works of Dan Buettner, who has just recently released a book on how to live like a centenarian!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

Paradise for human where The Sustainabilitist wants to be!

You might have seen pictures like these here and there across the blog. Well, it’s no secret now — It’s because we really like it!

While I can’t really promote traveling due to its contribution to climate changes (which is to be distinguished from global warming), I sometimes romanticized about living in the wilderness, in a communal setting with other fellow humans and animals. It appears that I have an affinity for an open space with fresh air and wind, where animals can thrive and interact with each other.

(of course, that doesn’t mean that I want to be hunted down at any rate!)

What is your favorite time of day, and why?

Well. It got to be around the late morning, where the air is still fresh and sunlight still modest. In general, late morning is when I feel the most energetic and experience the most productive periods of my life. On that note, here is a trick for you all: if you sleep well and the weather is cool and refreshing, consider giving daily late-morning jogging a try!

What is the name of your all time, favorite, go-to recipe?

Not sure. See, the problem is that I tend to get only the ingredients that are locally available during the season, and I can only cook with what I have at my disposal — usually without any preconception about what kind of meal I will produce at the end of the day. Consequently, every meal for me is kind of like a mumbo-jumbo, although again, I seem to like mixed-bean soup a lot! 🙂

What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

Being someone who acquired absolute pitch through self-training, I have evolved to gravitate towards only the music that exerts profound impact on our collective consciousness. As a result, my musical choices these days tend to have a strong element of orchestration, coupled with rich harmony and an organic sense of flow. For the record, I should also mention that I generally try hard not to discriminate a piece by its genre, and am very liberal with my musical taste as long as it adheres to the above-mentioned criteria. Actually, since a musical piece is worth more than a thousand words, why don’t you check out our handpicked musical pieces yourself here? 😉

(Note: Of course, we cannot offer any guarantee on the extent to which these pieces can uplift your sense of collective consciousness though!)

What is your favorite season, and why?

When you live at an altitude high enough to witness the drastic variations between the four seasons, it’s very natural to pick autumn as your favorite season. For one, the winter here is too dry and cold and the summer too moist and hot. Oh, did I mention that the spring here is not too bad — just a bit too chilly and not as visually expressive as in autumn.

What movement do you enjoy?

Well. It’s right here at the homepage of this site, and it’s called sustainabilitism! In case you are wondering, at some point during my life I felt that inventing a new practical philosophy as such has become a necessity, as I no longer believed in promoting environmentalism for the sake of environmentalism, or minimalism simply for the sake of being minimal. The world is too complex for us to base our actions according to narrow principles — and adopting a holistic mindset is only one of the tools we have at our disposal.

What do you hope people will take away from your blog?

In a few words you ask? An appreciation of the harmony and oneness that binds us all, an appreciation of the complexity and interconnectedness of our system,  an acute awareness of the narrow-mindedness in our thinking and actions, and willingness to engage in the collective consciousness and truly live a life by design.

Passing On the Goblet

As tradition dictates, the Liebster Award is meant to be passed on from one blogger to another, ultimately forming a network chain of nominees and otherwise-happy souls. Here at The Sustainabilitist, we have decided to pass on the goblet (i.e., nomination) to the following 5 outstanding blogs:

And while you are still here, why not spend some time to check them out? Who knows… perhaps one might start to see Liebster Award speeches in the form of blogposts pretty soon in the near future!

The Liebster Award presented to The Sustainabilitist

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  1. Thank you for the nod. I’ll pass on the torch. Post coming tonight.

  2. Hi Tom – thank you for your nomination, I know it is all with good intentions, however I must decline…. sorry. I do like your blog and will follow 🙂 Namaste, Margaret

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